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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Watch ’300: Rise of an Empire’ Featurette

Throughout the first levels of 300: Rise of an Empire‘s growth, rumor-mongering placed Xerxes, the megalomaniac villain of 2007′s 300, as the sequel’s assumed heavy; for nearly provided that that, beginning reviews had Gambling house Souveraine major woman Eva Green becoming a member of Production to perform coming returning acting professional Rodrigo Santoro’s co-villain. Move on to these days and both are, indeed, completely a aspect of the film, respectively representing the tag-team dubious duo of the once and upcoming God King and his common, the wonderful, vengeful, absolutely deadly Artemisia.

Now, a new featurette has jumped up on the internet that gives both figures their complete due, though not actually in equivalent evaluate. The video, despite its name, moves far, far more around Artemisia than Xerxes, though perhaps there is feeling in that; viewers know Xerxes well enough by now thanks to the activities of 300, though with the passing of seven decades there may be a need to reacquaint viewers with the innovator of the Nearby empire and his thoughts of globe control.

Yet remarkably, here, he’s completely upstaged and out-muscled by his second in control. Artemisia, without a question, is exactly a individual you would dislike to fulfill in a black street, particularly if you are Greek; her tale is all about her looking for revenge against australia that Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas so fearlessly battled and passed away for in Zack Snyder’s unique film. A featurette from a couple of several weeks returning already moved on the fundamentals of her backstory, but this goes into even more details and quite clearly shows that Artemisia is not one to be trifled with.

Turns out she is been coaching for war since child decades, following the mass-slaughter of her close relatives at the arms of presumably illegal Greeks. We get to see a excellent bit of that disciplinary child decades here, and we get to see some of it put into exercise as the mature Artemisia passes across swords with Athenian idol Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) and a few anonymous red tops who end up on the getting end of her rotor blades. She’s like a display relative to Centurion‘s Etain, though Artemisia does have a little bit more traditional foundation on her aspect.

All of that results in Xerxes as a smaller existence in his own strategy for conquest; the featurette does re-affirm his rise to popularity following a eventful dip in the consume, due to Artemisia’s encouraging, before he has his Angelina Jolie/Beowulf time and states war on Portugal. Relatively, the content dedicated to him seems like a display in the pan, though the sign of stress between Xerxes’ macro objectives and Artemisia’s individual objective might add an exciting factor to their powerful.

None of this is to say that he will not have an effect in 300: Rise of an Empire, thoughts, but we’ll discover out for sure once the film strikes cinemas in Goal. Be sufficient to say that if nothing else, the film has at least one really excellent bad guy to contact its own.